The place where Pathfinders can come and view the chronicles of those who came before them. If they are feeling brave, they can even post their own stories here, and show themselves off for the entire world to see.

Membership – Please just send me a comment with your info if you’d like membership into the Pathfinder Collective. If you want to be a GM, I will let you in as limited GM, and if you stick around a while I will change you to a full GM. This is considered a private game group (i.e. house game) as far as PFS is concerned.
Adventure Log – The Adventure Log is for GM’s to recount their version of the game in a third person point of view (or third person from a close NPC if appropriate). For the Title field please put “Scenario Name” by “User or GM Name”, i.e. “Silent Tide by Under a Bleeding Sun”. For the Tagline, we’d like to have the date in month-day-year format, then whatever blurb you would like i.e. “10/20/2012 2 PC’s brush with death and a failure to stop the tide.” In the very beginning of the entry, please list the characters that participated, and link to said characters if possible.
Wiki – Golarion Info, whether it be to flesh out NPC’s, city or continent info, or anything else you desire for the world to know, PFS and Golarion related.
Characters – Post Your Characters Here
Forums – General Discussion. If you want to track your characters adventure history, please do so under the “characters” sub-forum.
Calendar – Please feel free to use this for online games only! As this is an online community, I don’t feel we should track our real life games here.
Maps – Please post Golarion centric maps only.