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Mask Of The Living God Part 1
10/12/2012 Deep cover with the cult

Sorry all, forgot to post after the game, so its likely going to be fuzzy.

The PC’s are in Kassen, where they just completed the Test of The Everflame, and had found out the tomb had been robbed by grave robbers. One of their Pathfinder contacts, Cygar, insists upon them that they begin their journey down the river to the city of Tamran, where they should be able to learn more about the thieves. The players do a little shopping(apparently they are paranoid about drowning) and board a ship, the Black Mist.

On their way down river, the ship is attacked by Lacedons(water ghouls) and bandits, both of which the party easily dispatches of. Upon their arrival in Tamran, they start gathering information, and after a short time meet their Pathfinder contact, Reginar. He tells them of the cults foul doings in the city, and how he suspects them of much evil. This is a Cult to Razmir. He asks the pc’s to join the cult by going deep cover.

They go to a bar where they get drugged or beat, and end up unconscious and thrown in a prison, where they are told to meditate. The gnome disobeys once, and the entire party loses a single water ration as the guy kicks them all over. After that they are silent, until their release.

Their training in the cult begins, where they are trained, and pitted against each other. The winner is the gnome, by a forfeit from the summoner summoning during the competition. Through boring and tedious routines, they are given small tasks to do. These include stealing from the general populous, and smashing up a bakers shop. As they achieve status in the temple, they are eventually given their equipment back. Now they decide to go stir up some trouble.

They poke around the lower basement, and fall down a set of stairs, where a giant snake attacks. The party dispatches the snake, and sees a ledge above them. They summon an elemental to fly them up there, and they check the door there for traps. Not seeing any they attempt to open the door, and a summoning trap springs. What comes close to a TPK, is eventually turned around. The party goes inside and sees what appears to be some kind of party chamber.

They loot the room, and find a secret door with even more loot, though the rogue gets hit by a poison trap, which severely damages his dex. Some followers of Razmir come down, and the party must fight to kill them, and then stop them from fleeing. They realize there that they might be forced to take actions now, before the wrath of Razmir falls on them.

Carrion Hill Part 2 by Under A Bleeding Sun
10/7/2012 - The Spawn of Yoguth Falls

The party decides to keep pace and rushes to the asylum. Here, map tools trys to kill me and we have about an hour of technical difficulties. So there are tied up inmates in the entry hall, and Ben and Hoss release two of them, who scream and start attacking them. Orderlies also bust in…and because of the parties desire to keep these people alive this fight takes a LONG time. Anyway, they search the lower level and find a wand and some arcane tomes.

Upon going up the stairs the party sees some tied up slaves, who they go over and color spray, and all hell breaks loose. Summoned critters bust out of walls, a pit traps Siegfried and Benrill and a swarm of MAD MONKEYS steal Hosses gun! It is an awesome battle!! Hoss think quick and has Gonk throw him back the wand of Color Spray and he puts the monkeys down! Agda smites some evil and kills one outsiders. Lots of people start getting nauseated, and then everybodys favorite BLACK TENTACLES go down. My god, so much control…so much fun. Anyway, Agda hears the caster in the wall next to them, and he opens the door and cuts the guy from Balls to chin!! He DDoors to a nearby hall and starts running down it.

Hoss meanwhile has split off and finds a bunch of CLW potions.

The party gives chase and encounters a Morlock who’s had a lobotomy and it appears his neck is also held on by bandages. The keeper runs and Agda gets her shadow in front of him. As the keeper opens the door to a locked chamber the shadow hits him and knocks him dead. Meanwhile an evil aberration comes out and turn Agda into an Amorphous Blob. Siegfried spawns his stupid blue cape (at least I imagine it is gay blue…like his hair) and grabs Agda out of there and the party retreats at the top possible speed. (Is this twice…oh ya, its twice)

As the leave the asylum things have deteriorated in Carrion Hill. The crows are no longer in control of the rioting. Fires are burning and people are putting everything they have into fleeing. On top of that…the chymist lab has been thrown into the lake that it was sitting over. After securing healing for Agda the party heads off to sleep for the night. By the morning things are even worse. The rioting has turned into full blown chaos, so bad the mayor sends a courier to ask the party how close they are. The ask him about the chymist lab, and he says some mighty creature must have thrown it into the lake. The party also learns that the asylum was torn down in the middle of the night.

More desperate than ever the party tries to find the location of the last keeper, and learns he has a church in the south of the city. They make haste and quickly locate the secret door to the basement. Upon getting to the bottom Agda is shot at the bottom, and a chase ensues as they chase the guy. BAM, the keeper gets below and starts boating away. The party gives chase, flying and being incorporeal, swimming and spawn caping. The spawn caping leads Siegfrid to a plant attack. They obviously smack down the plant, and while they try to keep the keeper alive, he ends up getting too much strength drain and dies.

At that moment there is a violent shaking back from above. The party makes haste running towards the entrance, buffing the entire way. Agda and Hoss hear something hit the ground as the ceiling collapses in…but they see nothing. Hoss quafs a potion of see invisibility he picked up earlier and tells everyone there is something there. The party keeps buffing and Gonk drops a glitterdust so the party can see it, but as it walks out of the radius it falls back into invisibility. It charges Agda and Vital Strikes her. Gonk drops another glitterdust and the beating down of the poor Spawn of Yog-guth begins. All the broken ass big hitter lay the smack down, but the spawn is highly focused on only Agda. Luckily, she’s smiting and buffed so she avoids most the hits. She finally gets grappled and I think I can beat her ass but she shadow jumps out of the grapple, and then Siegfried kills the poor Spawn.

The city is saved and the party gets everything the mayor promised. He gives the PFS a lodge there and thanks them profusely. Agda and the party notices the crows starting to gather and cawing for days. Agda knows that this is a sign that a powerful evil spirit has been released here and that the spirit is so powerful the crows aren’t able to release it back to the heavens….

Carrion Hill Part 1 by Under A Bleeding Sun
9/30/2012 - The Zombie Lord Monk They Had To Pay Off

Our pathfinders were sent to Carrion Hill to establish good will there, and see about establishing a lodge. These Pathfinders included:

  • Hoss the mysterious stranger gunslinger
  • Agda the Paladin Shadow Dancer
  • Gonk the Bardarian Dragon Disciple
  • Ebenezer the blow shit to hell Evocation Wizard
  • Siegfried the sundering Oracle fighter
  • Benrill the….Cleric that wants to be a druid

It looked dark as the party arrived, the streets were abandoned, and guards were crying for heroes to report to the Mayor. Our pathfinders did so and established that the city was beseiged by some foul beast, and set off to investigate.

The Pathfinders found signs of a strange ooze, with bodies that were just mangled. They followed a cave complex, where they slaughtered some Dark Folk. Further down the tunnel complex they met up with a Zombie Lord, who had an evil manuscript. She offered to part with it for 10k, but the party said no and opened up beating on her…except not so much beating, just swinging mostly.

After a half a minute or so, the party realized it was futile and agreed to Parley with the foul creature. She gave them the book as promised, took her money, and went on her way.

Up above, things had deteriorated. The citizens were starting to riot, though the city guard still seemed to have things under control. After that, between the help of the mayor, and Benrill staying up all night tearing through the Pnakotic Manuscript, they had learned that these keepers had summoned a beast from the Dark Tapestry, and that the beast was trying to kill the Keepers, because it gained strength with each one of them it killed.

With the location of two of the three remaining Keepers known, the party sent off to the chemist factory. There they slaughtered some chymikal zombies and fought a battle with the first evil keeper, that gonk beat to death mercilessly. They looted and may have found something…


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