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Carrion Hill Part 1 by Under A Bleeding Sun

9/30/2012 - The Zombie Lord Monk They Had To Pay Off

Our pathfinders were sent to Carrion Hill to establish good will there, and see about establishing a lodge. These Pathfinders included:

  • Hoss the mysterious stranger gunslinger
  • Agda the Paladin Shadow Dancer
  • Gonk the Bardarian Dragon Disciple
  • Ebenezer the blow shit to hell Evocation Wizard
  • Siegfried the sundering Oracle fighter
  • Benrill the….Cleric that wants to be a druid

It looked dark as the party arrived, the streets were abandoned, and guards were crying for heroes to report to the Mayor. Our pathfinders did so and established that the city was beseiged by some foul beast, and set off to investigate.

The Pathfinders found signs of a strange ooze, with bodies that were just mangled. They followed a cave complex, where they slaughtered some Dark Folk. Further down the tunnel complex they met up with a Zombie Lord, who had an evil manuscript. She offered to part with it for 10k, but the party said no and opened up beating on her…except not so much beating, just swinging mostly.

After a half a minute or so, the party realized it was futile and agreed to Parley with the foul creature. She gave them the book as promised, took her money, and went on her way.

Up above, things had deteriorated. The citizens were starting to riot, though the city guard still seemed to have things under control. After that, between the help of the mayor, and Benrill staying up all night tearing through the Pnakotic Manuscript, they had learned that these keepers had summoned a beast from the Dark Tapestry, and that the beast was trying to kill the Keepers, because it gained strength with each one of them it killed.

With the location of two of the three remaining Keepers known, the party sent off to the chemist factory. There they slaughtered some chymikal zombies and fought a battle with the first evil keeper, that gonk beat to death mercilessly. They looted and may have found something…



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